Steven Marturano

Computer Science &
Mathematics student

Stony Brook University
Class of 2018

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Who I am

I am an inspired 20 year old from New York, who loves to formulate efficient solutions to complex problems. As an organized and well coordinated individual, I love being faced with new challenges each and every day. What started as a hobby, Computer Science and Mathematics have become my life and I am proud to say that it's just beginning.
  • Penguin Plunge

    Game programmed by myself and a friend using JavaFX. You play as a penguin who must bounce on platforms to avoid plunging to your death. What starts out as a simple task, becomes increasingly challenging as new platforms spawn and speed accelerates. Collect stars to unlock more penguins in the in game store.

    Designed: January 2015
    Controls: Left and Right arrow keys
  • Ping!

    We all know the game Pong right? Ping adds a plot twist to the classic game we all know and love. With 10 balls, instead of 1. Each ball makes a different musical note upon bouncing off the wall. Easy to play, anyone can create simple and catchy beats.

    Designed: April 2015
    Controls: Left and Right arrow keys, Spacebar moves paddle up and down
  • Monte Carlo Pi Simulation

    Demo programmed for a class project. The simulation uses Monte Carlo methods to estimate the value of pi. The more trials simulated, the more accurate the estimated value of pi will be.
    Designed: April 2015
    Instructions: Enter the simulation duration (number of trials to run), and the display size. Display size has no effect on the results of the simulation, it's recommended to use a size smaller than your screen resolution.
  • Iceman -LD33

    You are a monster that has the ability to freeze things. Use this ability to freeze enemies. Every time you freeze an enemy, you gain a point. If you get too hot, you will melt.

    Designed: August 2015
    Controls: Left, Right, Up keys. Spacebar to shoot, M to mute, P to pause.
  • Ant Anarchy - LD32

    Each ant is strapped with TNT explosives. Detonating the TNT will cause the ant and its surroundings to incinerate. When your ant dies, another ant from the colony will step up to the challenge. Use TNT to break a hole in the pillars. Every pillar you overcome will earn you one point. If the time runs out, the game is over.

    Designed: April 2015
    Controls: W,A,S,D or Up,Down,Left,Right controls the ant. SPACE detonates the TNT.
  • You Are a Mole! - LD29

    Title says it all, you are a mole!

    Designed: April 2014
    Controls: Left and right arrow keys are used to control the mole. You can also use the A and D keys instead of Left and Right If you would like to invert left and right buttons, you can use the Q and E keys. ESC will bring you to the main menu, or close out of the game. Space is used to start/pause/stop the game.
  • One Life to Lose - LD28

    You have a one life, and a gun with only one bullet. Make it count! Every enemy that you successfully kill adds another bullet to your chamber. Survive for as long as you can without letting any zombies take over!

    Designed: December 2013
    Controls: W,A,S,D moves player. Mouse aims weapon, left mouse shoots.
  • 10 Second Bug Smash - LD27

    10 Second Bug Smash: Stomp on all of the bugs before the timer runs out, each round gets progressively harder.

    Designed: August 2013
    Controls: Mouse aims weapon, left mouse shoots stopms on bugs.
Steven Marturano | 2016